CFL engineering works in 2020

construction works/projects
// 9 January 2020

During various time periods in 2020, the CFL will partially close lines 10 (Luxembourg – Troisvierges – Gouvy), 30 (Luxembourg – Wasserbillig – Trier), 50 (Luxembourg – Kleinbettingen – Arlon), 60 (Luxembourg – Esch-sur-Alzette – Rodange), 70 (Luxembourg – Pétange – Rodange – Longwy) and 90 (Luxembourg – Bettembourg – Thionville) weekends or even one or more weeks.

Substitution measures are planned during these periods. A detailed communication will follow for the work periods.

Download a synoptic overview of the construction works here.

Major CFL engineering works in 2020

Projects concerning several lines:

Extension of Luxembourg Central Station with changes to the tracks according to the future needs
Placing in service of tracks 12, 13, 14: 12/2021
Completion: 2024-2025

Reconstruction of the Buchler bridge in anticipation of the arrival of the tram
Completion for automn 2021

Projects concerning line 10:

Construction of a multimodal transport hub
Placing in service of the Station: 2022-2023
Placing in service P&R: 2024

Modernisation of the signal box in Ettelbruck
Placing in service: September 2020

Modernisation of the Mersch station and construction of a P&R building
Placing in service: 2023

Projects concerning lines 30 and 50:

Between Wecker and Wasserbillig and on the entire line 50: renovation works as well as maintenance and several substantial servicing work

Projects concerning line 70:

Total redevelopment of the station’s infrastructure and the construction of a P&R building
Placing in service: 2022

Projects concerning lines 60 and 90:

Construction of the new line Luxembourg – Bettembourg
Completion: 2024