New engineering works plan for the second half of 2020

construction works/projects
// 1 July 2020

In order to provide quality service, CFL maintain, modernise and extend the rail network on a continuous basis. As a result of the measures taken to counter the spread of COVID-19, the CFL have revised the schedule for their construction, maintenance and modernisation work on the rail network.

To ensure that the work can be carried out quickly and safely, the temporary closure of certain sections on a some lines is necessary. The CFL are aware of the impact that these closure phases can have on their customers. Therefore, this work will be carried out during periods of reduced traffic, such as school holidays, weekends and nights, to minimise any inconvenience.

CFL staff is available for any questions regarding adaptations due to engineering works.



Construction of a multimodal transport hub with a bus station, a P&R building (430 spaces), 2 additional lanes and a platform, renewal of railway superstructures (rails, sleepers and ballast) and reconstruction of the passenger building


Preparation of one of the busiest stations in Luxembourg, for the needs of the next decades, directly related to the development of Nordstad

Placing in service of track and platforms: 2022-2023
Placing in service of P&R: 2024

Ettelbruck signal box, modernised at the same as the station


Replacement of the master signal box equipped with an optical control panel by a new computerized signal box


Introduction of innovative technology, allowing a more appropriate response to operational needs

Placing in service: August 2021

Budget: 98 million € of which 14.4 million € for the P&R part



  • Complete redevelopment of the station’s infrastructure with an additional platform edge / station track and adaptation of the track diagram
  • Construction of a P&R building (1,600 spaces)


  • Train station: increase in passenger capacity, compliance with interoperability requirements and the needs of persons with reduced mobility
  • P&R: increase parking capacities to meet future requirements

Placing in service: P&R: 2022, Train station: 2023

Budget: 151 million € of which 43,5 million € for the P&R part

Construction of the new Luxembourg – Bettembourg line


Construction of a new 2-laneline over a length of 7 km


  • Offloading of the Luxembourg – Bettembourg connection and increase of capacity on this section
  • More efficient connection of the south of the country to the up-and-coming districts of the capital
  • Improvement of the cross-border offer & international connections to France
  • Facilitation of the freight traffic

Completion: 2024

Budget: 292 million €



Development of a P&R building (400 spaces) and upgrading of passenger infrastructure to ensure its continuous use by all stakeholders and operators


Modernisation of the Mersch station and preparation to meet the increased future mobility needs

Placing in service: 2023

Budget: 18,5 million €

Reconstruction of the Büchler bridge


Replacement of the Buchler Bridge by a new larger bridge by the National Roads Administration, requiring the closure of 3 railway lines (50, 70, 60/90) for several weekends


Preparation for future mobility needs, in anticipation of the arrival of the tram

Completion of the bridge in autumn 2021

Luxembourg Station


Construction of 2 additional platforms at Luxembourg Station (platforms 5 & 6) and 4 station tracks with adaptations of the track diagram for future needs


  • Essential to allow a transversal service
  • Efficient service to the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg and Howald stops
  • Able to accept high-capacity trains
  • Extended flexibility through the introduction of dedicated tracks per line

Placing in service of track 11: 12/2019
Placing in service of tracks 12, 13, 14: 12/2021
Completion: 2024-2025

Line 50

Renovation works as well as maintenance and several substantial servicing work.

Between Wecker and Wasserbillig

Renovation works as well as maintenance and several substantial servicing work.