At your service on site : the InfoPoint inside Luxembourg main station

// 25 April 2016

More than 60.000 passengers walk through Luxembourg main station per day. An impressive number of people count on the train as a sustainable means of transport. In order to provide adequate answers to the various questions raised by customers, CFL has provided a new InfoPoint in the centre of Luxembourg main station, 7/7 and from 6 am to 9.45 pm (#simplycfl).

Information on train journeys and beyond

Employees inside InfoPoint offer information on arrival and departure times, tariffs for national and international tickets and the consequences of potential disturbances in order to make customers’ train journeys even more easy and comfortable. Constantly connected to their colleagues in the signal boxes, the employees of the InfoPoint remain up-to-date and offer information about disturbances, on request or through one of eight displays installed.

Excuse me but where is …

In addition to the above-mentioned information, InfoPoint employees provide guidance to the ticket counters, the different train platforms, bus terminals, taxi stands and lavatories.

Any suggestions/complaints?

The InfoPoint is constantly at our customers’ disposal. At any time, you may submit your suggestions or complaints. If you have questions concerning ticket reimbursement we will provide you with a printed form and help you submit your claim.