Ready to go thanks to the AURIS boarding symbol

// 10 May 2022

A new feature on the dynamic display board AURIS: the AURIS boarding symbol gradually announces the departure of the train, thanks to the flashing green and yellow dots. This way, customers already know from a distance how much time is left before their train’s departure. Besides this visual aid, the boarding symbol also helps to reduce the number of acoustic announcements on platforms.

How does the boarding symbol work?

At the departure station:

One or two green dots mean that the train is ready at its departure platform.

Green flashing dots on the AURIS displays indicate that the train will leave in 5 minutes.

If the flashing dots on the AURIS displays turn yellow, the train will leave in 2 minutes.

At the stopovers along the train route:

The green dots on the AURIS displays are already flashing 5 minutes before the train arrives at the station. 2 minutes before its departure they turn yellow.

As of 2021, all stations and stops across Luxembourg were equipped with AURIS displays. After a successful test phase, the AURIS boarding symbol was included at the beginning of 2022.