The measures that CFL are taking to prevent COVID-19

// 18 March 2020

In the context of the pandemic situation and the confinement measures taken by the Luxembourg Government, as well as by neighbouring countries, the CFL have adapted their offer. A minimum service is ensured, by train or bus, to carry a considerably reduced number of passengers during the morning and evening rush hours.

Transport plan and measures: Stay up to date with the latest information!

With Easter around the corner, remain careful! By staying at home and avoiding all non-essential travel, you are giving people who depend on public transport the opportunity to respect the social distancing provisions recommended by the Ministry of Health.

If you have no other choice and need to travel, you will find information about traffic timetables and adaptations in our timetable search, the CFL applications and at the Call Center.

The Call Center is open from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and can be reached on (+352) 24 89 24 89.

As a reminder, the waiting rooms on the entire Luxembourg railway network, as well as the ticket offices at Luxembourg Central Station and Belval-Université, are closed.

As the left luggage facility at the Central Station in Luxembourg no longer accepts drop-offs until further notice, your personal belongings that have already been entrusted to the service can, of course, be retrieved. The Lost Property Office remains at your disposal, with adapted opening hours. The Lost Property Service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on public holidays.

In an unprecedented situation and in order to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and subsequently of the COVID-19 disease, which affects Luxembourg as well as its neighbouring countries, the CFL are taking various measures, based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the WHO (World Health Organisation).

Health of staff and passengers is an absolute priority

First of all, the CFL Group makes its staff and passengers aware of the need to respect following hygiene rules:

  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water or disinfect them with a hydroalcoholic hand gel.
  • Cough or sneeze into the crease of the elbow or a tissue.
  • Avoid shaking hands or kisses on the cheek.
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands.
  • Stay home in case of flu-like symptoms.

Commitments on the freight side

Measures are also being taken to ensure the best possible continuity of services throughout the logistics chain. For example, the Bettembourg-Dudelange terminal introduced the “Contactless terminal” concept in mid-March. This is a procedure that minimises contact between people at the entrance to the site and throughout the various stages involved in the loading and unloading of intermodal trains.

In response to the coronavirus, the CFL Multimodal Group’s teams are taking part in the logistics unit set up by the Luxembourg Government. Their commitment is to help the authorities to order, transport and distribute the equipment. Find out more here!

Transport by train and bus ensured

Despite the pandemic situation, the CFL provide transport by train and bus, while implementing measures to protect their staff and customers on a daily basis.

Based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the WHO, all CFL staff are continuously informed, through several information channels about the preventive measures to be adopted,

In order to protect CFL staff on the front line on the ground, in particular station managers, train drivers, train attendants and bus drivers or any other CFL staff performing tasks that do not allow for the systematic keeping of a safe distance, disinfecting means, masks or gloves have been distributed to the respective departments.

The waiting rooms on the entire national railway network, as well as the ticket offices at Luxembourg Central Station and Belval-Université, are closed.

It is also recommended that staff and passengers on the platforms keep a distance of 2 metres from their fellow passengers to prevent the spread of the virus.

Trains cleaned

A thorough cleaning at an intensified rate is carried out for those areas of the trains most frequently used by passengers, such as handrails, door opening buttons, handles and toilet areas. CFL railcars and train wagons are thoroughly disinfected on a regular basis.

The driver’s compartment is fully disinfected at least once a day in the CFL Central Workshop. In addition, every driver has the opportunity to personally disinfect the driver’s compartment on entering the service thanks to (hydro-alcoholic) disinfectant solutions and cleaning wipes provided.

Trains that have carried a person officially recognised as having COVID-19 are systematically disinfected.

Flex always there for you

It is recommended to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel.

However, when necessary and to ensure your mobility, the Flex service is available to you at all times. To guarantee its service, the Flex team carries out an intensive cleaning of its fleet of vehicles. It is also everyone’s responsibility to take individual hygiene measures according to the recommendations by the Ministry of Health. To book a Flex vehicle, go to the Flex application, available on iOS or Android. If you need further assistance or information, you can reach the Flex Servicecenter team at (+352) 2883 3882.

In buses too …

CFL buses also run all day long. To ensure the healthy arrival of the drivers and passengers, and with respect to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the buses are also subject to following measures.

With a fleet of 79 buses, each bus is completely disinfected once a week. A disinfectant solution is sprayed through the passenger compartment.

The contact points, such as the opening buttons and grab bars, are cleaned continuously from Monday to Friday.

Dashboards are also cleaned. Drivers are also provided with gloves and disinfectants.

A perimeter has been placed around the driver so that the first row of seats remains unoccupied.

Passengers are requested to enter and exit the bus through the back door(s) of the bus.

For both trains and buses, it is recommended to keep a distance of 2 metres from your fellow passenger, to avoid any risk of spreading the virus.

Adapted purchasing procedures

Travelers are invited to make their payments by credit card.

The purchase of national 1st class tickets can be made:

  • via the CFL Mobile application
  • automatic ticket machines

The purchase of annual subscriptions, senior cards, or 1st class monthly short-distance tickets can be made through the Call Center, who can be reached at (+352) 2489 2489.

The situation is regularly re-evaluated and measures will be adapted accordingly.

Please inform yourself before your departure!

For cross-border travel, please visit

For further information, related to COVID-19, please consult the websites of the Luxembourg Government, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO) A telephone hotline is also available at 8002 80 80.