Photo reportage
// 19 May 2017
A west wagon hangs from the two cranes in Hall 1. Both have a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes. © Schmitz Christian.

Thanks to the photos from the collection of André Weis, we can offer you a unique look into the past of the “Atelier Bonnevoie”. After more than 60 years in operation, the building will be demolished to make way for the expansion of Luxembourg Central Station. A fifth and sixth platform will then help the…

engineering works/projects
// 17 May 2017
Impressive: The view of the halls of the "Atelier Bonnevoie": 233m long, 60m wide.

To create space for the expansion of the railway infrastructure at Luxembourg Central Station, the old CFL workshop, the “Atelier Bonnevoie”, will have to be demolished. A fifth and sixth platform will then help it to cope better with the high volume of rail traffic, including from the south, at the station, which is the…