Once upon a time : CFL’s old workshop

engineering works/projects
// 17 May 2017
Impressive: The view of the halls of the "Atelier Bonnevoie": 233m long, 60m wide.

To create space for the expansion of the railway infrastructure at Luxembourg Central Station, the old CFL workshop, the “Atelier Bonnevoie”, will have to be demolished. A fifth and sixth platform will then help it to cope better with the high volume of rail traffic, including from the south, at the station, which is the central junction of Luxembourg’s railway network. However, before the fifth and sixth platforms are taken into operation, there are numerous challenges to be overcome. These include demolition of the “Atelier Bonnevoie” while services are still running, so that customers are affected as little as possible by the large-scale construction work.

Before the “aalen Atelier” is demolished, we took a final look at the historical halls.