// 28 January 2018

Travelling at your fingertips with the CFL mobile App. With the CFL mobile app, you have the perfect digital partner to plan your public transport travels in Luxembourg and beyond. With its extremely easy handling and its userfriendliness, the app is tailor-made for your daily mobility needs. Several functions – at your fingertips! Travel planning…

Photo reportage
// 4 January 2018
The maintenance of CFL’s power bundle with more than 7,000 bhp is also completed inside the new workshop : a 4000 series locomotive of Bombardier.

Everything (and everyone) under one roof The new Atelier Central has one large and distinct advantage: For the first time since the company was founded, it is now possible to maintain the entire spectrum of CFL rolling stock under one roof. Approximately 15,000 square metres of space and 1,250 track metres (indoor and outdoor) are…