construction works/projects
// 20 June 2019

In order to keep on offering quality services to their customers, CFL carry on with maintenance, modernisation and extension works on the Luxembourgish railway network. These railway infrastructure works require the closure of certain railway segments in order to permit that these can be performed safely and swiftly. Line 10 (Luxemburg – Troisvierges – Gouvy)…

// 18 June 2019

In order to limit the impact of major infrastructure and railway projects on the environment, or to promote biodiversity, the CFL are committed to introducing compensatory measures. One of these measures carried out as part of the construction of the new Luxembourg – Bettembourg line. The “Brucherweier” pond, located on the new railway line, near…

// 6 June 2019
In order to increase the safety of their network and to reduce risks at level crossings, the CFL create alternatives such as under- and overpasses for pedestrians and motor traffic.

Closed level crossing barriers are often a test of patience. There have even been cases in which road users actually ignored the barriers and crossed the rail tracks, despite the ban. Such people are frequently unaware of the danger to which they are exposing themselves. This often underestimated risk can have dramatic consequences. On average…