CFL Group
// 26 May 2020

You want to know more about the rail industry? You dream of a career at the CFL? You want to do an apprenticeship on site and find out what your talents are? Take a few minutes to read about the DAP diplomas (Diplôme d’aptitude professionnelle), Vocational Aptitude Diploma, “Mechatronics – Train Maintenance and Technology” and…

// 13 May 2020

Rail freight transport, which is an alternative to road transport, especially on the main European routes, must meet the requirements of its customers in terms of accessibility, reliability and performance. In order to improve the competitiveness of rail freight transport across Europe, the European Commission launched the so-called “European Freight Corridors” (Regulation 913/2010). What is…

// 8 May 2020

Passengers are obliged to wear a protective mask, such as medical masks, handmade masks, bandanas (“buff”) or scarves. (Communication from the Luxembourg Governement, 16th April 2020) Following the recommendations of the Luxembourg Government, the CFL are providing a service according to the different phases of deconfinement. From 8th June 2020 and after several adaptation phases, train traffic will…