The rolling highway

Simply explained
// 15 May 2018

What is the rolling highway?

The rolling highway is an innovative way of handling freight, in this case particularly truck trailers, efficiently and easily from the road to the rail network. Thanks to the innovative rotatable LOHR wagons, the trailers do not have to be vertically charged using gantry cranes, but can be driven directly onto the swiveling loading areas. This saves time and thus money for many customers who rely on the transport services of the CFL multimodal.

How does the rolling highway work?

Video: Loading the rolling highway.

The new intermodal terminal in Bettemburg-Dudelange

Since March 2017, the new intermodal terminal has been a new hub in the heart of Europe. At the new location in Bettemburg-Dudelange, 200,000 handlings were carried out in the previous year. A considerable part of the goods transported was sent using the rolling highway connecting Bettembourg (Luxembourg) to Le Boulou (France).

Simply explained