Connected with free Wi-Fi at train stations and train stops in Luxembourg

CFL Group
// 16 August 2022

You’ve most likely seen this symbol before – a small dot with three curved lines going upwards. Sometimes it even carries the symbol’s name on it.

The Wi-Fi symbol – this means you can take out your compatible device and connect it to the internet via the available hotspot in your proximity. Some of you may have noticed or already used them at available CFL trains stations and train stops.

You might want to surf the web, pick up where you left reading an article, connect with your friends and family or just check your social media feeds. You might even want listen to your favourite podcast or that playlist you spent hours putting together. Having a gateway to the internet can make travelling easier.

To make your journey more comfortable, the CFL have equipped over three-quarters of their train stations and train stops with free WiFi hotspots. In 2022 the CFL added Wi-Fi hotspots to Belval-Rédange, Dudelange-Burange, Dudelange-Centre, Volmerange-les-Mines, Merkholtz, Niederkorn and Lamadelaine. That’s a total of 57 train stations and train stops out of 68. The free Wi-Fi hotspots also enable you to check your CFL mobile application or the CFL website for the latest updates -at the tip of your fingers you have access to real time information via the CFL’s digital tools.

Want to know if your station or stop is connected? Then head over to the CFL website for a list of stations and stops that have free Wi-Fi hotspots.

How do I access a CFL Wi-Fi hotspot?

Next time you’re at a CFL train station or train stop that is equipped with free Wi-Fi hotspots, follow these simple steps to connect:

Select “CFL-FREE-WIFI” from the list of available networks on your device.

You’ll be redirected to the terms and conditions page.

Once you’ve read and accepted the terms and conditions, you need to click “I accept” to get to the next screen.

On this screen click “continue” and you will be redirected to the CFL Wi-Fi portal.

You’re in and ready to use the internet!

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