On the tracks of customer information: User eXperience

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// 25 January 2022

When evaluating our services, ‘customer information’ plays an important role. In a series of articles, we will introduce several motivated employees committed to ensure that you are well informed at all times, especially during periods of engineering and construction work. In this particular field, the customer is our toughest critic and their opinion counts. For this reason, Emmanuel, an employee in the “Activités Voyageurs” department, devotes his time to User eXperience and incorporates customers’ opinions into future projects.

Innovate and create new digital solutions to improve quality and incorporate customer experience into CFL products and services. This is precisely Emmanuel’s mission as Digital Transformation Manager in his department. The latest product is currently being tested at Luxembourg Station and at the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg stop: the contactless interactive touchscreen!

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“The users know their needs best, therefore they should be involved in the process”

To meet the needs in terms of customer information inside stations, the first step is to identify them. As with other projects, Emmanuel started by launching a call on social media in order to find customers interested in co-creating new solutions with the CFL.

In small working groups, led in collaboration with a PhD student from the University of Luxembourg, a scenario was simulated where customers inside a train station were looking for information, a situation that surely sounds familiar to everyone. The aim: to identify the customers’ needs and to go beyond the CFL’s hypothesis regarding these needs. Once the customers’ real needs were identified, a solution was sought after together, in order to improve customer information in stations in the long run.

The findings of these workshops were then incorporated into the first prototype of the future product; in this case an interactive touchscreen which could be installed in the stations. The touchscreen will display information about the trains, their respective departure times as well as current and future engineering work.

The information displayed on the screen includes data from the CFL website (www.cfl.lu), the CFL mobile app and the Auris displays that are installed in the stations – all in a centralised manner in order to respond to the customers’ needs within train stations.

The revolution of contactless interactive touchscreens

An interactive touchscreen is certainly a good thing, but to meet the current sanitary situation, a new innovative solution was found with AIRxTOUCH: a contactless terminal of 55”, elaborated and produced in Luxembourg by iNUI Studio, in collaboration with Samsung and Intel. The prototype of this contactless interactive touchscreen reacts at a distance of 5 cm: a simple finger movement above the screen is enough in order to navigate through the content.

video Use Case AIRxTOUCH / CFL

It is a unique offer in the European transport sector: with the two contactless interactive screens, which are currently being tested for a month at Luxembourg Station and at the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg stop, the CFL are among the pioneers in the domain of digital displays.

The User eXperience, an approach that puts the customer first

For Emmanuel, the User eXperience allows us to “create a tailor-made product that will exactly meet the customer’s needs”. Using this new approach, we are able to work with our customers to identify problems and shortcomings, but also elements which satisfy customers in our products and services. With regards to customer information, this particular approach enables us to identify products and services that already meet our customers’ needs as well as to identify those that will have to be adapted. The prototypes of the contactless interactive touchscreens are the result of such analyses, which were carried out together with the customers.

A must for those who love innovative experiences!

Emmanuel is always looking for new digital solutions