CFL’s train-wash-station

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// 28 March 2018
After the catenary has been grounded in the cleaning hall, the washing process starts at the push of a button. For cleaning, a pH-neutral wash foam is sprayed onto the rolling stock.

To ensure the well-being of over 20 million train passengers a year, the cleanliness of the rolling stock is essential. For this purpose, it is thoroughly cleaned on average every 3 weeks in the CFL floor washing system. The principle of cleaning is similar to that of a regular car wash – but with much larger dimensions. With a length of over 200 meters, the stand washing system offers enough space to wash two complete electric railcars at the same time, ie two sets of 3 boxes each. Thanks to an ingenious system, the washing system only needs 18.5 liters of fresh water per meter of washed train. A small amount, considering the dimensions of the double-decker passenger cars. The accumulated wastewater is collected professionally and being treated inside the in-house water treatment plant, whose function comes close to the function of modern state-of-the-art sewage treatment plants, where cleaned without chemical additives and then reused, among other things, to wash off the pH-neutral washing foam.

We took a look into the modern cleaning equipment that can clean up to 3,700 meters of train in one day – an impressive washing performance!