After 20 years of loyal services : the complete overhaul of the Z2

Photo reportage
// 5 March 2018
In order to counteract the paint bleached out after 20 years of sun exposure, the employees of the central workshop completely foil the boxes of the electric railcar. Compared to the paint-based procedure, this method has some key advantages, such as: the speed, easier handling or the fact that the foiling can be carried out in parallel to the other upcoming maintenance works.

To guarantee the safety and comfort of their customers, CFL regularly carry out maintenance and repair work on their rolling stock. After 20 years of loyal service, the electric railcars of the 2000 series, commonly referred to as Z2s, undergo a major overhaul, the “operation caisse”. Given the average lifetime of approximately 40 years, this overhaul, carried out after more than 3 million kilometers on average, is also called “mi-vie” (half life). In their central workshop, the staff of the CFL then particularly takes care of this type of rolling stock.