Loading and unloading as quickly as on wheels

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// 19 July 2017
These two colossal steel structures, which are 22 m high and 75 m wide, are each capable of lifting a 41-tonne load.

With the recent commissioning of its rail/road intermodal platform at Bettembourg-Dudelange, the CFL Group has equipped itself with the infrastructures required to continue to confirm itself as a high-performance pan-European hub. With its new site, which has a surface area of 32 hectares, the CFL Group is thereby giving itself the resources to respond to an ever-increasing demand for its various services, including within the goods transport and logistics sectors, amongst others.

On the occasion of the opening of the new terminal, we hereby provide you with a presentation of some of the spectacular equipment items that characterise this site, which is unique in Luxembourg, and focusing on the terminal’s two gigantic gantry cranes.