The new KISS arrived!

Photo reportage
// 13 April 2017
The metal frame of the future KISS electrical railcar

After one and a half years of construction, on March 2nd 2017, the new electric railcars manufactured by Stadler arrived at their final destination, CFL’s central workshop.

The two KISS are among the first of a total of 11 electric railcars ordered by the CFL Group. With a unit price of 8.9 million euros each, the new stars with the “CFL-red” doors will help to modernize the fleet of the CFL Group. Nine additional KISS will be delivered by the manufacturer by the end of June.

KISS: the name says it all The KISS is a comfortable (Komfortabler), innovative (Innovativer), sprint-strong (Spurtstark) S-Bahn train, showing its strengths both in the S-Bahn and in the intercity traffic.

Seats 292 (of which 38 1st class seats)
Bike spaces 24
Security System ETCS
Vmax 160 km/h
Length 79,84 m
Width 2,8 m
Total weight 192 t
Catenary tension suited for 15 kV (Germany) and 25 kV (Luxembourg)
Photo reportage