Wëssens-Atelier: CFL make children’s eyes sparkle with joy

Photo reportage
// 5 April 2017
Another highlight of this “Wëssens-Atelier” : the driving simulator

«Wëssens Atelier» and CFL make children’s eyes sparkle with joy

For some time, the “Wëssens-Atelier” association has set itself the task of inspiring 10 to 12-year-olds for technology. To enable young people to get involved with technical professions early on, the association is always looking for suitable partners.

Technology: an important supporting pillar of modern railway companies

The fact that more than 20 million people are transported by CFL across the Luxembourgish railway every year, makes it easy to see that technology is one of the things that CFL cannot do without – whether it be to regulate the tight train traffic, to drive the powerful locomotives and electric cars, or in many other areas.

Mission: generate enthusiasm

The CFL did not miss the opportunity to present some of the technical and most popular occupations of their company to the present children. With the help of the signal simulator, an exact replica of the work area of the train traffic controllers, the curious students got a feeling for the amount of technology that is necessary to ensure the safety in train traffic. The various elements such as railways, switches, signals, safety systems and their functioning were explained using a lovingly assembled model railway.

Train driver for a day

With the driving simulator, used during the training of future train drivers, the children got a further highlight offered. Each child had the unique opportunity to “take the wheel” of a locomotive of the 3000 series and to listen to the explanation of the functions of its many levers and lights.


After the successful discovery trip, not only the children were completely enthusiastic. The CFL employees also visibly enjoyed the fun of being able to inspire children for technology and their very own profession.


Photo reportage