The Main Sub-Station (CSS), Backbone of the Electricity Supply for the Rail Network in Luxembourg.

Photo reportage
// 2 February 2018
The CSS team is made up of 12 officers: 5 dispatchers working according to a system of three-shift-operation, 3 dispatchers in reserve, on call if they are needed, 1 system administrator in charge of managing and maintaining the system, 2 power coordinators and their boss.

The Main Sub-Station (CSS) is a nerve centre of the rail network in Luxembourg. This is where the experts from CFL manage the energy supply for the country’s entire rail network.

It is from this site, permanently staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, that the CSS officers monitor the electrical network. In the event of problems, the main task of these officers principally entails tracking down and isolating faults and finding appropriate solutions to remedy them. This requires in-depth knowledge and enhanced responsiveness to maintain the free flow of train traffic, while ensuring maximum levels of safety.

Guarantors of Safety during Work

In the case of works on or near overhead electrical power lines, it is also CSS officers who cut the electricity supply in the section concerned, after consultation with the signal boxes involved. This enables the work to take place in complete safety. Once the work has been completed, the CSS can reconnect the electricity supply.

An Intelligent System

A fault causing a short-circuit automatically cuts off the power from the overhead electrical power lines. The overhead electrical power lines are then automatically reconnected to the power after a few seconds. If the fault has disappeared (causes of a hidden fault: bird, tree branches, icicles, etc.), the overhead electrical power lines remain connected to the supply. If the fault persists, the system cuts the electrical power supply again and the CSS officer takes the matter in hand.