Construction works on the Luxembourg – Bettembourg segment last week

engineering works/projects
// 20 February 2018
South view of the future flying-junction over which the new line will cross, in several meters height, the course of the existing track.

Numerous customers of Line 90 (Lorraine line) and 60 (Luxembourg – Esch / Alzette – Rodange) were affected from 10 to 18 February by the closure of the section Luxembourg – Bettembourg.

But which works have actually been done last week and why?

In short

In addition to modernization work that is currently being carried out along the existing track between Luxembourg and Bettembourg, works performed during the closure from 10 to 18 February have mainly been of preparatory nature in the context of the future implementation of the so-called flying-junction – a construction over which the route of the future new railway line between Luxembourg and Bettembourg will cross, in a few meter height, the existing track. For this purpose, foundation works and several retaining walls along the existing railway line were carried out.

Why a new railway line between Luxembourg and Bettembourg?

More than 10,000 commuters from France and many other travelers from the South to the Grand Duchy travel daily through the Luxembourg – Bettembourg section of the route. This segment is thus one of the busiest sections of the Luxembourg rail network, where more than 1,000 passenger and freight trains operate daily. In order to significantly increase the capacity on this particularly vital traffic artery, the construction of a second railway line between Luxembourg and Bettembourg is currently carried out.