Track Nr 50
// 31 October 2018

The CFL took advantage of the summer holidays to do works on the Luxembourg rail network. From mid-July until September 16, line 50 was closed from Luxembourg to Arlon. On average 150 trains circulate on the this line per day. The main focus, for the nine weeks of works, has been the power supply to…

Simply explained
// 17 October 2018
Several platforms all across the country are still equipped with yellow safety lines.

Yellow or white, it appears most of the time in its podotactile form (tactile under feet), which means its relief allows visually impaired pedestrians to find their way around. This week, we highlight it on this blog to answer the following question: What is behind the safety line (white, yellow, podotactile), on the platforms in…

CFL Group
// 2 October 2018

Although most people think of trains when it comes to the CFL, buses are also an integral part of the Luxembourg National Railway Company’s history. In 1952, the CFL bus service was created, consisting of 6 vehicles. Gradually, the CFL bus service gained importance and in 1965,  the fleet of CFL buses rose to 45…