A new logo for the CFL

CFL Group
// 20 April 2022

Some of you may have already noticed. Like many of the extensive modernisation works that have progressed and evolved, the logo of the CFL has also undergone its own change. A new logo that symbolises the impressive changes in a Group that has just celebrated 75 years. We spoke to Marc Wengler, CEO of the CFL Group, about this.

The new CFL logo is becoming more and more visible. What led to the decision to change the logo?

Since its foundation 75 years ago, the CFL have always been a company in continuous motion. A major common denominator throughout these years is the confirmed will to rely on the railways as a driver for the development and transformation of our country. These close links with the economy, society and environment of Luxembourg and the Greater Region have nevertheless evolved over the past 75 years. Today, the CFL are more than just a railway company or rail infrastructure manager, as our activities in a range of areas have demonstrated.

For example, we have developed our freight activities to become a player capable of covering the entire logistics chain. We have a fleet of 81 buses that complement our passenger train offer. Our travel agency CFL Evasion advises our customers on their individual travel needs and we are also active in the real estate sector as well as in the carsharing industry.

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The creation of subsidiaries in these various fields has enabled us to diversify the activities of our Group and to adapt to the needs of a particularly competitive market, which often poses challenges that must be overcome, but also offers new opportunities for development.

In order to do this, we have initiated many changes in our company, and the results of these changes are clearly tangible. In order to reflect the dynamism of our changing company, the logo, a key element of the CFL brand, needed to be modernised to represent the diversity of the CFL Group’s activities.

How were the changes you just mentioned incorporated into the new logo?

The rails on the old logo no longer reflect the full range of our activities. We have therefore chosen to remove them and modernise the rest of the logo. Compared to the old logo, the corners of the logo are rounded. As for our freight subsidiaries, the frame surrounding the name of the Freight Activities subsidiaries has been removed. This change symbolises the Group’s openness to innovation and interaction with its suppliers and customers. We have also chosen to keep the green dot, which represents sustainable development and the CFL’s ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable logistics and transport modes. This commitment is also reflected in one of the priorities of our strategy, that of efficiency.

The transition from the old to the new logo

This kind of change does not happen overnight. What was the procedure for making it happen?

As part of our 75th anniversary, we used a special logo to mark this occasion. In this visual, the new logo was subtly integrated in order to have a seamless transition from the old logo to the new one, via a special anniversary logo. In this visual, the new logo was already subtly integrated.

Our new logo is being rolled out gradually from the 1st of January 2022. The new logo has been displayed on our travel agency’s communication supports and for CFL Immo since the end of 2019, then for our freight activities from 2020, and it is now also increasingly visible on the rest of our communication supports.

The installation of the 200 logos on the 81-bus fleet of the CFL, as well as on the funicular, has already been completed. Since January, the passenger rolling stock has also been gradually fitted with the new visual. Just over 700 logos are ready to be installed in the first half of 2022.

With regard to the implementation throughout the country, it was decided to focus on strategic elements and locations, i.e. those that are particularly visible to the customer. This includes at first, the 10 busiest stations of the network: Luxembourg, Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg, Mersch, Ettelbruck, Bettembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Belval-Université, Differdange, Pétange and Rodange. At these locations, the installation of 500 logos began in March 2022. The new logo will be placed progressively throughout the country at other stations.

Another important step is the presence of the logo on key buildings: the cleaning hall, the centre de remisage et de maintenance (CRM), the centre de réparation rapide (CRR), the headquarters building and the P&R in Luxembourg, which will take place around the end of April.

Finally, the adaptation of other communication supports, such as paper and digital mediums, will be carried out.

How challenging is it to change the logo?

The biggest challenge was to install the logo without affecting the availability of the rolling stock. The train schedule has not been adapted to allow the logo to be placed, but the placing of the logo happens according to the maintenance and overhaul schedule established by the Trains and Equipment Department. This procedure takes longer, but our service offer is not interrupted as our equipment is in service as intended.

Behind the scenes: the logo was changed at the CFL headquarters
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