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CFL Group
// 1 February 2023

In 2023, the CFL continue their vast modernisation and extension programme. An overview of the new features and works planned to maintain and modernise the equipment that is essential for your travels.

Visible during your journey or working well out of sight for safety reasons, the CFL employees are involved in major works carried out to provide the rail network with the necessary capacities (e.g. additional tracks and platforms) and infrastructures (new passenger buildings, improved parking facilities) to continue to further increase the attractiveness of public transport.

Important developments in Rodange and Mersch

Among the milestones of 2023, let’s take a look at two new mobility hubs: in the South in Rodange (line 60/Luxembourg – Esch/Alzette – Rodange and line 70/Luxembourg – Rodange – Athus/Longwy) and in the North in Mersch (line 10/Luxembourg – Troisvierges – Gouvy).

Two new intermodal hubs are being built along with, parking facilities to meet the demand of resident and border customers: 1,600 spaces at the Rodange P+R from mid-April and 400 at the Mersch P+R by the summer, i.e. 2,000 more reasons, or 2,000 fewer excuses, to leave one’s car behind and take advantage of the train services from these stations.

When it comes to access, platforms, tracks, addition and/or modernisation of switches, overhead lines and parking, these two stations have benefited from a total overhaul.

At Mersch, a platform that has been lengthened and widened to accommodate longer trains with more seats was brought into service in 2022. The work on the platform alongside the passenger building at Mersch station will be completed in 2023.

At Rodange, the work will be completed at the end of the year with easier access to the station via the access road on the north side, the underpass and the area around the passenger building. During the second half of 2023, the railway infrastructure (platform, tracks, overhead lines) will also be renewed to the east of this station.

At the end of this work, train traffic will be optimised thanks to a reorganisation of the station where each line (60 and 70) will have its own tracks to prevent delays in one line from having an impact on the other.

Better accessibility and additional comfort in Howald and Ettelbruck

Work is continuing on three other intermodal hubs, starting with Howald (served by all trains on line 60, Luxembourg – Esch/Alzette – Rodange and some trains on line 90, Luxembourg – Bettembourg – Thionville).

Accessibility is also part of the work schedule, with the extension of the existing footbridge to link the CFL stop to the future bus station built by the Administration des Ponts et Chaussées. The same goes for the installation of elevators and escalators to reach the tram stop from the railway platforms or the surrounding bus station.

Ettelbruck station continues to undergo major rail works (platforms, tracks, canopies, underground passageways), with the installation of weather shelters on the platforms and a coating on the new canopy of Platform II and the north and south underground passageways, which will be accessible without barriers once the works are completed. As a reminder, Platform II, which has also been widened and lengthened to accommodate longer trains, and an additional track, offering more flexibility (e.g. for bypassing a disrupted train), were put into service in December 2022.

In 2023, a large part of the Troisvierges P+R will also be built. The inauguration is planned for 2024 with 400 spaces.

Removal of the level crossing at Lorentzweiler

Because the best level crossing is one that has been removed, we will continue with our removal programme, this time at Lorentzweiler (Northern line).

On the technical side, the improvements to the integrated control centre on the North line will be completed this year. The installation of the Building Management System (BMS) centre in Wasserbillig (line 30 / Luxembourg – Wasserbillig – Trier) is continuing. The BMS will manage all the monitoring and measuring elements connected to the CFL infrastructure and buildings throughout the country.

How to stay informed about the closure periods?

Maintenance and repair work on the railway infrastructure necessary for your travel will also be carried out at several occasions in 2023, with priority given to weekends and holidays, which are associated with lower passenger numbers. It should be noted that school holidays will be less affected than in 2022 by extended closures.

Traffic on the Kautenbach – Clervaux section (line 10) is still scheduled to resume at the end of the Easter holidays (i.e. 17 April 2023), once the Schieburg tunnel has been repaired.

For more information on the periods during which rail traffic will be closed to carry out the work, several channels are available:

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