An intermodal hub for Rodange

engineering works/projects
// 24 November 2021

New tracks and platforms, an optimised train service within one of the most important railway stations in the south-west of the country, a P&R with almost 1,600 parking spaces, which, in terms of parking availability, is the second largest after Belval-Université, as well as a new footbridge that connects the car park with the platforms without barriers. These are the key facts of the new intermodal hub in Rodange, which has been under construction since mid-2019.

Since the 25th October 2021, Rodange station, which is a really important station for the south-west of the country is now also accessible without barriers. This is made possible due to a brand new footbridge, which is not only practical thanks to its 3 lifts, but also impresses with its modern design. But the other construction works at Rodange station are also progressing well with the aim of improving the flow of trains at crossing points, which will result in improved punctuality for the customer. We take a look at the current development.

A modern and barrier-free footbridge

Thanks to 3 lifts, the new footbridge offers all customers barrier-free access to the tracks since the 25th October 2021, making it easier for people with reduced mobility to access the rail services in Rodange. The design of the new footbridge matches the modern look of the Park&Rail car park, which is built in the immediate vicinity of the station. But it’s not only in terms of design that the multi-storey car park and footbridge go well together – once the construction work at Rodange station is completed, the footbridge will be connected to the new multi-storey car park. Travelers can then switch from their car to public transport in an easy, barrier-free way and without being exposed to the weather conditions. This will further make the use of public transport even easier and more attractive.

Travelling sustainably thanks to a sustainable P&R concept

The new multi-storey car park will be in operation by 2022. With 7 floors, a length of 180 meters and an impressive maximum width of 49 meters, it is the second largest of the CFL. With its 1,564 parking spaces, it will provide a new parking possibility for customers using public transport. Of these parking spaces, 35 are reserved for people with reduced mobility and another 46 are equipped with charging stations intended for electric and plug-in hybrid cars. In addition, the new P&R is located directly on the Avenue de l’Europe and is therefore ideal, especially for Belgian and French commuters, who wish to continue their journey by train.

When it comes to environmental protection and CO2 reduction, the CFL are not only concentrating on sustainable train traction (100% green electricity) or attractive opportunities to avoid using one’s own car, but are also equipping their new P&R buildings with green roofs, including solar panels.

An additional platform-connected track for more flexibility

Rodange station has always been an important stop for public transport in the south-west of the country. The trains of line 60 (Luxembourg – Rodange) as well as those of line 70 (Luxembourg – Athus/Longwy) stop here, which can make it very crowded, especially during peak hours.

In order to meet customer’s demands and further improve the quality of the offered services, the station is currently being reconfigured. The platforms are not only extended so that they can welcome longer trains, thus offering more seats, but also widened in order to provide extra space for waiting passengers. All platforms will additionally be covered by canopies providing protection from weather conditions.

New track plan for more punctuality

Even if the total number of tracks (7) will not change, Rodange station will benefit from an additional platform-connected track at the end of the construction works. In addition, the basic configuration of the station, the so-called track plan, will be adapted. The tracks and switches are being repositioned in order to separate the two train lines 60 and 70 from each other, enabling to limit the transfer of disruptions from one line to another and offering more smooth and punctual train operations inside Rodange station. At the end of March 2022, all 3 platforms of the station are planned to be provisionally put into operation, while final completion work will be carried out in parallel.

Footbridge and underground passage: double is better

Once the tracks, the footbridge and the multi-storey car park will be commissioned by mid-april 2022, the bus station, the station forecourt and the two underground passages will still have to be completed. The eastern underground passage will be newly added, while the western one will be demolished and renewed. When the latter comes into operation at the end of 2023, it will also be equipped with lifts offering a barrier-free access to the station, just like the footbridge.