CFL Group
// 16 August 2022

You’ve most likely seen this symbol before – a small dot with three curved lines going upwards. Sometimes it even carries the symbol’s name on it. The Wi-Fi symbol – this means you can take out your compatible device and connect it to the internet via the available hotspot in your proximity. Some of you…

Simply explained
// 10 August 2022

Living in proximity to a railway station certainly has its perks, the most obvious being the great connection to local public transport. However, the proximity of one’s own home to a railway line also means that railway traffic is equally close, as is the accompanying background noise. Thus, measures for noise reduction and sound proofing…

engineering works/projects
// 3 August 2022

When evaluating our services, customer information plays an important role. In this series of articles, we introduce you to motivated employees who are committed to ensuring that you are always well informed at all times, especially during engineering works. Given the importance of a consistent and reliable customer communication, we asked Prunelle to tell us…